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Writing bibliography of Kathleen Hirsch & what I am reading now for inspiration
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My Writing Life

What I’m Reading…

I am constantly inspired by other writers and I usually have 3 or 4 books going at once. Here is a list of what is on my desk now.

"The Fact of a Doorframe", Adrienne Rich

A good re-read, to see the point in Rich’s career where her poems become infused with her mature voice and gravitas.

"Evicted", Matthew Desmond

A dramatically ambitious ethnographic account of families whose poverty, even as we breathe, is fueled by brutal, indifferent housing policies.

"Awakening Grassroots Spirituality: A Celtic Guide for Nurturing and Maturing the Soul", Edwin M. Leidel, Jr.

A book written by the first bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan while on sabbatical in Wales and Cork in 2003. A psychologically sophisticated walk through the commonplace “deserts” in which we moderns lose ourselves (powerlessness, meaninglessness, confusion) and accessible discussion of how to find our way “back.”


My writing has spanned a range of genres and continues to do so.  We live multivalent lives that can’t be fully captured in a single literary form.  What follows is a partial bibliography.


Spiritual Reflections

My Crux essays are archived at Crux Now.


“Mom’s Best Friend,” The Boston Globe Magazine, June 10, 2012

“The Sisterhood of Soup: Forging a Connection over a meal and a shotgun,” The Boston Globe, Dec. 4, 2011

“A Glimpse of the Holy,” Christian Century, November, 2011

“Fruits of Summer,” New Age Magazine, July/August 2001

“The Death and Life of a Great Lake,” About Place, online journal

“Building a Neighborhood,” Orion Magazine, Winter 2001

Five Points, Fall, 1998

Georgia Review, Vol. 52, No. 2, 1998

“The Fiction Writer as Journalist,” May/June 1987, Poets & Writers

Interviews and Reviews

“The Theft of Memory,” Jonathon Kozol, The Boston Globe

“The Language of Houses,” Alison Lurie, The Boston Globe

“Stitches,” Anne Lamott, The Boston Globe

“A Happy Marriage,” Ann Patchett, The Boston Globe

“The Homeless,” Christopher Jencks, The Boston Globe

“Djuna, the Life and Times of Djuna Barnes,” Fiction, literature and the Arts

“There’s No Place Like Home,” The Boston Phoenix, May 28, 1985

“Who is Sylvia?” Fiction International

“A Conversation with George Steiner,” The Mississippi Review, 1981

“Aaron Copland, a conversation”

Articles and Profiles

“Circle of Friends,” The Boston Globe Magazine, March 11, 2001

“Succor for the Urban Soul,” The Boston Globe Magazine, Sept. 6, 1998

“Jennifer’s Story,” The Boston Globe Magazine,

“The Sanctuary of The Shelter, The Horror of Home,” The Boston  Globe Magazine, cover story March 26, 1989

“David Godine’s Yellow Brick Road,” Poets & Writers, May/June 1989

“The Return of the Essay: A Profile of Robert Atwan,” Poets & Writers, Nov./Dec. 1995

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“At the Dudley Branch,” April 25, 1986

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“Shock Therapy Makes a Comeback,” Nov./Dec. 1995, Ms. Magazine

“How Many Homeless Are There?” The Washington Post

“Who Will Save the Homeless,” The Washington Post Magazine

Matina Horner, profile in Working Woman Magazine

“The Fenway Finds Itself,” Boston Magazine

“Where to Buy the Books You Need,” Boston Magazine

“The Corporate Classroom,” The Boston Globe

“Showing Other Parents How to Cope,” The Boston Globe

“Studying to be a working mother,” The Boston Globe

“Madison Avenue Touch Sell College Drives,” The New York Times

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“Keeping Up With My CSA,” The Boston Globe, Aug. 6, 2014

“A gift of beauty for the holiday season,” The Boston Globe, Dec. 17, 1999


“Judgment,” Sojourners Magazine, February 2008

Syndicated Articles

My staff-written article for The Boston Phoenix and Ms. Magazine have been syndicated in the following newspapers and elsewhere:

The Chicago Tribune

Kansas City Star

Cleveland Plain Dealer

San Francisco chronicle

The Houston Post

Dallas Morning News

Santa Ana Register

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Boulder Daily Camera

Toronto Star